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In operation since 1985, Today’s Grocery Magazine reported on the €14.6bn Irish grocery market and it quickly became an industry leader in providing informative, opinionated and up-to-the minute industry news.

TGm distributed to 95% of the FMCG grocery/convenience and independent outlets in the Irish grocery trade, reaching the key decision makers in the industry.

With the ever changing market environment TGm, under the leadership of Frank Madden, has now gone digital with its website which aims to facilitate expansion and refurbishment , which are key strategies for retailers in the coming years.

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Up to Date Market Info

Realtime information on the €14.6bn FMCG market


A demographic and geographic review of retailer brands, population and consumer spend

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Analysis of the Top 100 food companies

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Some of the challenges which retailers face are:

  • few counties with insufficient populations to support large stores
  • The discount sector expected to grow with Aldi and Lidl expanding their portfolios
  • Retailers agents/distributors and manufacturers facing a high and fast growing cost base in areas such as labour, transportation, raw materials and utilities.
Market buyers, managers and owners of retail outlets need information in REAL TIME to keep their finger on the pulse of the trends and changes that could affect their everyday business.
The FoodFinder website will provide REALTIME information on the €14.6bn FMCG market.

The website will host valuable information curated by Madden and his team of journalists who with 30+ years experience in the Irish retail industry will provide

  • An A-Z overview of the food, drink and non-food markets
  • A demographic and geographic review of retailer brands (i.e. multiples/symbols)
  • A demographic and geographic review of population/consumers spend
  • Analysis of the Top 100 food companies
  • FMCG Suppliers
  • RealTime News
  • 4 Largest Retailers
  • Retailers Margins by Department
  • Market by Share
  • Consumer by Household

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FoodFinder will be launching in late 2016, in the meantime we are collecting details from those who are interested in membership to the site.
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