Clover Mini gives small retailers the edge

Clover  Mini gives small retailers the edge

Running a small retail business today is a lot more than just sales and taking payments. It’s about listening to your customers, learning from them and forming relationships. It’s about finding new opportunities to grow and taking them. It’s about doing something you are genuinely passionate about.

But this is easier said than done. Most small and start-up retailers find they simply don’t have the time for vital areas of their business like customer relations because they are too busy taking care of necessary but time-consuming tasks like stock control, accounts and so on. And they find themselves at a distinct disadvantage to their major retail competitors who have been able to invest vast sums in systems which gather information about their business and their customers.

Enter the Clover Mini card. Clover Mini is a next generation card payment terminal which helps you run and grow your business. It enables you to accept almost any type of payment – quickly and easily, and in a safe and secure way. It is also future-proofed and ready to accept ApplePay and NFC payments over Android phones. This will be particularly important in future years as people increasingly use their smartphones to make payments abandoning cash and cards in the process.

A retailer can shut up shop for the evening, open up their laptop, tablet or phone at home and access the report on any device with internet access, to go through the day’s sales and takings with full visibility on what sold well and what didn’t.

Clover is affordable, totally accessible, and whether you operate a family store or an independent retail outlet it has the power to change the way you do business forever.

Source:  Irish Times